postheadericon Australia and Japan Partner for Tourism Exchange this Year

January 1, 2013, Australia-Japan Tourism Exchange Year partnership officially began. Australia and Japan’s national tourism marketing organizations planned to partner last year December 14, 2012 to encourage a two-way tourism between the two nations as part of a new initiative.

This intends to promote bilateral exchange between the tourism industries of Australia and Japan to guarantee longer term sustainable growth in their visitor economies.

The plan is all throughout the year, a series of promotions and hosted events will take place in various regions throughout two countries. To spark interest in travel to each nation both countries collectively engage around 650,000 people. Tokyo Japan is a great place to visit. A good place for tourism.

Japan has been a market of long standing importance to Australian tourism and continued to be a significant source of visitors to the country, said Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy.
“Despite the various factors that have impacted tourism to Australia from Japan in recent years, the fact remains that Japanese visitors remain a very important and significant part of our visitor economy,” added Mr McEvoy.

In 2011 alone visitors from Japan contributed $1.4 billion in expenditure for Australia. And last year the conditions improve for travel. In just a matter of 12 months to the end of October 2012 visitor numbers from Japan have grown by three percent to more than 348,000 for the year. This was very encouraging that lead to the partnership. It reflected a positive turnaround to growth, putting well track on more Japanese visitors this year 2013.

“Partnering with JNTO to encourage bilateral tourism opportunities in the coming year will provide further impetus to our plans to harness ‘the green shoots’ we are seeing from Japan to further reinvigorate the market,” Mr McEvoy said. This is up to now being hold on to for the further development of the partnership.

It is expected by Mr McEvoy that Australia’s marketing effort would be further boosted this year with the roll out of the Japan specific activity as part of the Asia Marketing Fund.

Mr Ryoichi Matsuyama, President, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), once said Japan and Australia have kept a good relationship over the past years.

“Australian tourist numbers to Japan even after the Great East Japan Earthquake maintained the position of 6th largest in 2011, which demonstrates how important the Australian market is to us,” Mr Matsuyama insisted.

So hopefully this year would be a better year for the both country. Tokyo Japan has suffered enough, this will be a great start of a great year.

Specific activities for the Australia-Japan Tourism Exchange Year 2013 include:

  • Creating dedicated branding for industry to use at any culture/sport events conducted in Australia and Japan in 2013;
  • Partnering to deliver content for an official website in both Japanese and English to be hosted by a travel media site, to introduce information of Japan/Australia sister city (www.jnto.org.au/2013) relationship and culture/sports events conducted in both countries; and
  • Revitalizing Australia-Japan sister-city activities as well as sister-school activities through anniversary events.
  • If both countries can unite like this, why cant other countries too. The world will be a harmonious place if practiced such attitude.

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